A Temporary Farewell

No, not to you guys! To science fiction. Needing a switch up, I've decided to do a contemporary story I've always wanted to do. So far it has plenty of romance, bear shifters and fried chicken. I know, right? Perfect novel. So I thought I'd give you a snippet of what I'm doing. Understanding her... Continue Reading →

A word on publishing exclusivity

You're a publisher, or you aren't. There, I said it. This will be my last KU run. As an author, I've seen a change in the way publishing services do business, and it's crap. It's absolute, undiluted horse manure. Exclusivity is just a way to gain control of a work without buying in and getting... Continue Reading →

  From our family to yours.... Happy Thanksgiving! Now that the food has been utterly demolished, and everyone's gone home for the night. It's time to get back to work. There will be no shopping in this house tomorrow. No. Here's hoping you and yours had a wonderful day. Jolie

Target Acquired

Assassins can be a dark subject. I've found that out over the last year, but they have helped me say a few things that I hadn't had the ability to say lately. This latest release is no different. It's the third in the series, and it will be exclusive on Radish for a time. You... Continue Reading →

Life Down Here

so, I'm from the South. That's got some connotation, and there are times when I hesitate to say anything because we...ll, sometimes the south can be kinda hard to love. But, I do love it. Warts and all. I started a new novel that will be set in the south I know; fried chicken, river... Continue Reading →

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