Life Down Here

so, I’m from the South.

That’s got some connotation, and there are times when I hesitate to say anything because we…ll, sometimes the south can be kinda hard to love. But, I do love it. Warts and all.

I started a new novel that will be set in the south I know; fried chicken, river festivals and meth labs. It’s gonna have all of those, and sundy school. No, that’s spelled correctly, I checked.

There’s a secret side to the place I was born, a side most can’t see. You have all kinds trying to survive down here, and be the best they can possibly be. That’s like anywhere, but, down here, there are special kinds. Some of my favorites are the strong matriarchal Mamas that have warrior souls. That’s a real thing.

Then, there’s the hapless, harmless deputy who’s heart is in the right place. That’s a real thing sometimes too. The stoic farmers with little to say. the snarky grandmother’s who’ve lived long enough that they get to say anything and we have to listen, these are only some of the southern characters I’ve known. I want to show them all to the world.

There is good and bad everywhere. God knows, that is true of the South.

I hope you’ll all stop by Radish later and check out this new paranormal series set, not exactly in my hometown, but someplace very like it.

Love ya like chicken, y’all.


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