Target Acquired

Assassins can be a dark subject. I’ve found that out over the last year, but they have helped me say a few things that I hadn’t had the ability to say lately. This latest release is no different.

It’s the third in the series, and it will be exclusive on Radish for a time. You can find it here:

My Gara is a complicated woman. She’s lived through the trauma of rape, so this can be difficult for those who have triggers. However, she’s overcoming. Gara copes with her trauma by attaining the skills she needs to protect herself from it ever happening again.

She took the shortest path. Reveling in the movement and freedom of this new life of hers, she drank it all in; the still, inky darkness, the stars, the sea, the wind. The brothers had a purpose for her, and she gained a kind of freedom in their service.

No one could cage her. No one could keep her when she didn’t want to be kept. They’d taught her to fight, still there was more training to be done. Her skills were already enough to give her the confidence she needed to roam at night like a wild creature with no thought for what might be lurking in the shadows. She didn’t need to fear wildlife or the common criminal anymore. Gara could handle herself. These were the truths she repeated to herself as she tried to outrun the anxiety that dogged her every step.

Because the simple truth was she had been caged before and lived in fear of being caged again. There was a knife in her support shirt, right over her left breast. She had a thin strip of wire in her shoe that could slice the neck of an attacker if she could get behind him. Gara thought about these things as if the thought alone was a talisman against evil.

A cooling sheen of sweat covered her whole body as she jogged up the rock path. The feeling of being closed in had dissipated the farther from people she got. It was her need for distance that drove her out into the darkness.

It’s possible to consider this book my #metoo, though the horrific events that made Gara who she is are unique to my novel. In real life, I’ve struggled with the need to withdraw and protect myself. I think all victims of trauma go through that transition from victim to warrior.

The sample episode is out, and it will be followed by releasing episodes as I get my edit where I want it. Some of my books can deal with some pretty heavy subjects, so keep that in mind.


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