A Temporary Farewell

No, not to you guys!

To science fiction.

Needing a switch up, I’ve decided to do a contemporary story I’ve always wanted to do. So far it has plenty of romance, bear shifters and fried chicken. I know, right? Perfect novel.

So I thought I’d give you a snippet of what I’m doing.

Understanding her reaction, he let his thumb trace over the back of one delicate knuckle. “Do me a favor, Ms Adra Markey. Don’t go knocking on the door at the County Line again. That’s some pretty rough terrain.”
“How did you know I intended to go back?” she asked him.
“I may not be a detective, but I am a cop. I’ve seen your look before. You’re not satisfied with the answers.”
“No, I’m not. When was the last time a cougar killed anyone around here? When was the last time one was even seen?” He started to speak, but she cut him off. “Yes, I know it could happen, but what’s the likelihood of that?”

It’s a great big mystery that leads to shifters living among us. Stay tuned to see when Tiny Crosses is coming out.

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