The Carter Gazette

The first installment of my Southern Gothic stories is releasing on #radish_fiction now. As you will see, Adra discovers her town has secrets she never expected. Shifters and magic were always here, but she never saw it.

So what’s Carter really like then?

Well, it’s built on a section of land that’s home to Indian burial mounds, and old civil war battle site nearby and countless generations of love, work and tragedy. It’s the size of a postage stamp, but it’s got color. newmadrid_riverboat.jpg

A lot of the homes are more than a hundred years old, but nothing goes back past the Great New Madrid earthquake. These rumbles in 1811-12 pretty much wiped out the area. Entire towns just sank into the river. And, that was just for starters; flooding, quicksand, the river ran backwards til it washed back in and engulfed the delta land. This is the land the small town of Carter is built on, and the history that Adra herself was raised on. It’s exactly like every small southern town you ever saw, but more. It’s insulated, and all of this creates a perfect backdrop for a shifter clan trying to hide who they are from the world.

You can find Tiny Crosses, the first in the series, at this link:

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