This is how it begins.

Censorship is how it all ends. Google Play, Apple, and Amazon have all made moves toward censoring Erotica and any sexual content on their stores. I'm not going to argue that they haven't that right. It's their store, and, clearly, they've made a business call that sex doesn't sell anymore. This doesn't effect my books... Continue Reading →

The villain of the story

Choosing a villain is hard for me. Probably because I see so much gray in the story. So today I'm working out who my killer is and it's a struggle. He's a vampire. He's losing his mind. But, what else will he be? It's a subtle shift to break away for a moment and think... Continue Reading →

Author at work…

A quick update for those of you who may be waiting for something or other. I am working on the next Southern Gothic novel for Radish, Sweet Hour. I have something very cyborg in the pipeline, and I'm working on the next Detective Thursday novella. That's what's in the immediate future. I'll keep you posted... Continue Reading →

A dead horse with no name…

It has a name... Semantic Satiation Think of it as beating a dead horse... with a tire iron...throughout the entire book. It's one of the basic peeves I have with any book, including my own. Every author has words they favor, and words they just like. One of mine is plethora. Pleth-or-a. I love that... Continue Reading →

Living in the mega city

The real fun in scifi lives in imagining the future. In Detective Thursday's life story, future tech is everywhere. She's fighting her own of comfort with technology around her. Hayden Thursday isn't a big fan of AI. She's not computer illiterate. She's uncomfortable with the amount of control people are giving up in their society,... Continue Reading →

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