The villain of the story

Choosing a villain is hard for me. Probably because I see so much gray in the story.

So today I’m working out who my killer is and it’s a struggle. He’s a vampire. He’s losing his mind. But, what else will he be?

It’s a subtle shift to break away for a moment and think about what you want a story to say. In this case, I think I want it to say something about childhood gone horribly wrong, so I might make him young, tragically so. Or I might make him frail and old with a life so wasted by abuse that it outlines the importance of protecting the vulnerable.

It’s all about what I want that character to say to my readers

Southern Gothic

I’ve been writing on this series less than a year, and I’m still deciding on a direction for it to be honest. It began as an attempt to describe the world I actually live in through a fantasy lens. But, it has opened up some mysteries as it went like; What’s the deal With Adra’s father? And, who is the Lady wolf really?

Books have a way of doing that.

Now available in this series, you’ll find Tiny Crosses and Big Magic on @radish_fiction.

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