This is how it begins.

Censorship is how it all ends.

Google Play, Apple, and Amazon have all made moves toward censoring Erotica and any sexual content on their stores. I’m not going to argue that they haven’t that right. It’s their store, and, clearly, they’ve made a business call that sex doesn’t sell anymore. This doesn’t effect my books at this time, but that’s the issue, isn’t it?

At this time…

This is how it starts. When a society as a group decides on morality and makes that morality enforceable, we are in danger of losing it all. Oftentimes, ideas that are “subversive” or controversial are where injustice is exposed. It’s in what we label subversive that we expose our norms, and this leads inevitably to having to decide just how far we want to go in punishing those who step outside those norms.

This is hyperbole, you say?

It’s not. We’ve seen all of this before, and we’ve seen it begin with states censoring citizens. There was, literally, a  time when women could be admitted to mental wards for reading novels. It was the enforced norm that women were to have no sexual fantasy of any kind. AS a reader, this does target me.

Erotica is on my read list. I find romance of any kind with NO sex to be childish and naive as a personal preference. It starts at sex, and how long until it’s kissing, petting, the entire romance genre.

This is a woman’s issue

Which is not to say that men have no issue here. It is primarily a strike at women’s sexuality simply because they are the overwhelming market for these books, and I find it hard to believe that Amazon isn’t making money on sexy books. I find it difficult to believe that the soft erotica isn’t a major bestseller, and this isn’t fifty shades of controlling what the girls read.

Women can censor ourselves. Every woman in the world has the right and responsibility to censor herself. We don’t need the Zon’s help. We don’t need the government’s help. We don’t have anything “wrong” with us, and we don’t need your help fixing our sexuality, thank you. We can bloody well buy the books we like without a nanny, booksellers.

As an author, I find myself frustrated, but, as a reader, I’m furious. Where does this end? Does gay literature begin to be classified as subversive porn? If we can censor sex, what about ideas like human rights, justice, democracy? At what point are we going to wake up and smell the apocalypse here? Because that’s where this is all going. Once we lose speech, we’ve lost everything.


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