The End

It may be the end of autism awareness month for those not living the “Aut” life, but it doesn’t end for us.

We will go on living the life as softly as we can. Here’s my boy and his crazy dog (who has his own challenges but just gets D) living the life. Around the meltdowns and the pills and blood tests, there are moments like yesterday where he went with his grandmother and siblings to a festival without me because I had to work. He ate in a restaurant he’s never been to before and nobody got hurt.

It sucks that I wasn’t there, but it also rocks that I wasn’t there. He did it without me. If you could only be aware of how unreal that feels.

There was a time I thought I would never shower alone again. The door had to be open so he knew where I was. There was a time I thought I’d never be able to work, and, while it is still challenging, I have been working thanks to an extremely flexible family oriented employer.

So to all of you out there living that “Aut” life, hold on. There will be moments you won’t believe. They will be soft moments that you never saw coming. Just wait for it.

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