The Diary of Adra Anne Markey- January 4th

Everybody’s leaving.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret staying here with Mamie, but it sure isn’t easy watching everybody go off to their real lives.

Terry insisted on taking me to church again, and I insisted we drag Patsy along behind to act as unofficial chaperone.  Poor Patsy thinks I’m trying to proselytize her now.

It’s just awkward with Terry ever since he kissed me. We’re best friends.  We ate paste together in kindergarten, for pete’s sake. Why would he do a thing like that in the first place? I mean one minute we’re laughing and talking on Mamie’s front porch, and the next he’s making his move.

I love Terry. I do. There’s just no magic. I hope he finds something to distract him soon.

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