Author Love- Amy Gettinger

And for my next trick... This time we're hitting the chick lit scene with Amy Gettinger's favorite book, Roll with the Punches.  This particular book is way different from my usual feature. It's comedy/mystery/adventure/everything, or according to the blurb: A rollicking, funny chick lit mystery/adventure, full of fun and light romance. Falling is extra hard... Continue Reading →

Author Love- C.S. Wilde

Today, we're talking to C.S. Wilde about her favorite work, A courtroom of ashes. When you ask her why, she has an enthusiastic reply, "It's got my best reviews!" She's really not kidding. ★★★★★ "AMAZING!" - Amazon top 100 reviewer ★★★★★ "A fantastic, roller-coaster, mind-bending adventure." The Bookmuse - Goodreads top 100 reviewer ★★★★★ "Santana is one of the most... Continue Reading →

On Memorial Day, Remember the Fallen

Then, honor the survivors... I got a little introspective this year.  Our family has been riddled with those who served, those who didn't die in battle, but came home with their ghosts and their wounds. As we pass a day in remembrance of our war dead, I'd like to ask everyone to take a moment... Continue Reading →

The Hexborn is coming

Authors tend to read for other authors. It's just that's who we know, and you hit it off. Then suddenly, you find yourself ankle deep in a really good book. It just happens. The latest series of my writer bud, A.M. Manay, has me on pins and needles waiting for her to finish the next... Continue Reading →

Author Love- Vincent Morone

This post is a chance to meet an author I've never interviewed before now, Vincent Morone. He's here to talk about his heart book, the one that was written with pure love, Torn Away Torn Away is an award winner, as well. It won first at the SRWA Great Beginnings contest. Jolie: Vincent, you immediately went to... Continue Reading →

Summer is coming

We're headed full swing into the next season- SUMMER. Do you have your TBR ready? I can't get my TBR ready because I read everything I buy as soon as I buy it. Summer, for me, means hitting the Re-read pile. If you're looking for a free read or a re-read, you can try out... Continue Reading →

Author Love- AR Declerck

In my current, open-ended (cuz I said so) series of author interviews, I'm talking today with AR Declerck about her personal favorite, The Alchemist's Kiss. Jolie: Full disclosure here, I have this one, and, when you listed it, I was so not surprised. Icarus is my "Magic" Boo, you know. So, what made you write this... Continue Reading →

Author Love

We all write for different reasons. In my case, it's a hypnotic activity. I like getting lost in the words, and I love the words. The way they drip onto paper or screen with the same intensity as a paint stroked to canvas. Words are my favorite things. Others who write have other reasons, but... Continue Reading →

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