Etiquette Guide for When Authors Behave Badly

pexels-photo-236215.jpegI’m not going to weigh in on Faleena Hopkins or trademarks. My opinion is useless at this point. It’s a dangerous practice to get a trademark like the one she obtained, and I hope against hope it is overturned. That’s my opinion, and nobody asked me for it.

Now, that’s out of the way.

Things that are okay to do online when authors behave badly:

  1. You may express your displeasure on your various social media. (Try to keep it clean for the kiddies)
  2. You may stop buying those books. (Recommended)
  3. You may unfriend, unfollow and unknow said author behaving badly.
  4. Keep calm and seek legal remedies.

Things you should NOT do online when authors behave badly:

  1. You should NOT one star books you haven’t read as a personal attack.
  2. You should NOT threaten or message badly behaving authors (unless you have a lawyer who needs to sue them).
  3. You should NOT harass them unduly.

This needs to be said. Bullying and harassment are wrong, and, frankly, unprofessional. We all hate when authors behave badly, and we all have an opinion on them. There are even two extremes here that are annoying the everliving out of me.

There are the bullies who are going around one starring books like kids, and then there are the ones screaming for everyone to just shut up about it. These are both stupid responses( yes, I said it.), and here’s why:

People are entitled to think and say whatever they want about an issue. They have that right. They are allowed to have a reaction, whatever it is. I personally was very saddened to find out that the word COCKY had been sold to the highest bidder. There goes my childhood dream of writing that bracing novel about the douchiest football player on the team and his undeniable attraction to his cheerleader girlfriend, Heather.

Some dreams die hard.

This is a big deal. Trademarking shouldn’t be done in broad strokes like this, and the process needs to be examined. Complaints need to be filed, and authors need to realize that things like this, actions this calculated to harm others, will not be accepted by the community at large. No one will work with you. No one should want to.

One starring is for sissies. This should be obvious to ANY author. If you didn’t read it, shut up about it. It’s as childish as fighting over the LEGO set and about as unnecessary as a third nipple.

We are all feeling something. I’m feeling a little demoralized, thanks for askin’. I work hard to get eyes on my books. I scratch together book covers and pretty much shoestring everything. Seeing authors toss money and power around to crap on the little guys really stresses me out and makes me want to quit. It’s okay to be mad, sad and scared, girls and boys, and it’s okay to have discussion about the fee-fees.

Did I leave anything out? Oh, yeah, don’t threaten people.  Call a lawyer or don’t call a lawyer. Solve the problem like an adult. SIGH. There is never any reason good enough to act like a brat. Don’t tell your friends to shut up about their feelings, and don’t start hate pages. What are we? TWO?

Now, let’s go write some books that don’t have the word COCKY in them! Go, team!



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