Author Love

We all write for different reasons. In my case, it’s a hypnotic activity. I like getting lost in the words, and I love the words. The way they drip onto paper or screen with the same intensity as a paint stroked to canvas. Words are my favorite things.

Others who write have other reasons, but the love of writing is still the same in each of us. It’s something that holds us captive to its magic for reasons we never entirely understand. And booklovers rejoice!

Author Love

Today’s author is Eva Caye who’s talking about her favorite book so far, Morality. We all have our book babies, and I wanted to find out from some of my brother and sister writers just what it is that keeps them writing.

Jolie: Eva, why did you write Morality?

Eva: I wanted to write a morally complex character. She’s probably the smartest person on the planet and has been a ‘people watcher’ since she was young, so she understands fully how complicated morals are from different perspectives.

Jolie: In your words, tell me about this one.

Eva: Grace Encino-Sinclair is her grandmother Felice’s personal pupil, a recipient not only of the stargate technology Empress Felice had created but also of all the other science projects she’s got going on in the ultra-secret ‘Zone’. Grace’s frustration at finding a decent man is interwoven throughout the book with her greatest accomplishment: getting her future Empress, Lady Vidya Ruya, surgery to restore her eyesight and helping her come to terms with acquiring more-than-vision.

A few of Grace’s moral dilemmas center around when it might be okay to commit adultery, how to deal with a mentor’s marginally moral ‘shell game’, how to tell the absolute truth while supporting a lie, and what to do when someone you love ends up being a murderer.

Trust me, it’s complicated, though I do manage to pull it off in 190,000 words or so!

Jolie: Where do you think Morality falls in your body of work?

Eva: It’s the eighth book in the series, and I had originally planned for it to be the series finale but I kept being plagued by Sinclairs who wanted *their* story told, too! As far as how it stands to my readers? I think it was more than most of them could handle. I even had someone post a one-star review on my FIRST book because of events in THIS book, saying, “Don’t read the series because she (does this) and who would want to reread the books? I’m disgusted!”

What ‘gets me’ is that Grace is certainly not a morally flexible character; she’s very moral but on her own terms. And also: what is it about people that they can’t handle or accept fiction featuring women ‘outliers’? We read about male ‘outliers’ all the time, the Chosen One and so forth.

To sum up: I think it ranks first in quality and complexity, but probably the bottom third in popularity.

Jolie: Isn’t that always the way of it? The things we love writing aren’t always the market favorites. Sounds like you had a real plot twist in there! Where did the idea for that come from?

Eva: I knew what Grace was going to be like from the moment she was conceived! Her mother had some emotionally traumatic events happen when she was in the womb, so Grace has always been rather high-strung. She’s blindingly loyal to Matthieu, her cousin and future Emperor. And she’s as brilliant as her mother and grandmother, the two smartest people on the planet. Combine intelligence with rabid loyalty to one person and a rare sensitivity to determining why people do what they do, and you have a real challenge to define morality!

Jolie: I love it. Good challenges make great characters. 

Thanks to Eva Caye for stopping by and talking about Morality today. If you’re interesting in picking up a copy you can find it here:

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