Author Love- AR Declerck

In my current, open-ended (cuz I said so) series of author interviews, I’m talking today with AR Declerck about her personal favorite, The Alchemist’s Kiss.

Author Love

Jolie: Full disclosure here, I have this one, and, when you listed it, I was so not surprised. Icarus is my “Magic” Boo, you know. So, what made you write this one?

A.R.: Because a man like Icarus and his bestie Archimedes couldn’t go without a story and I LOVE steampunk!

Jolie: Oh, god, Archimedes. I love bromance, and that one was beautiful. Let’s tell the readers about the book.

A.R.: Alchemist and Warden of London, Icarus Kane, has returned to the city he loves after a long stint in the American Civil War. He wants to settle down and live peacefully but a black mage has other ideas.

Jolie: Really, really bad ideas, if I’m recalling correctly. As a writer, how do you feel about this one specifically?

A.R.: Emotionally, it’s poignant and heartwarming. Stylistically, it’s middle of the road with my fun switching of POV AND tense based on character. Technically it’s one of the better books.

Jolie:  Now, for the predictable question every author gets, what gave you the idea?

A.R.: The name Icarus Kane came to me whilst daydreaming one day. He needed an interesting friend so Archimedes Merriweather a man with a clockwork arm, was invented to be his buddy.

Jolie: Every great steampunk hero really NEEDS a clockwork sidekick. I’d call that a requirement.  Thanks to A.R. Declerck for talking with us about her steampunk novel, The Alchemist’s Kiss. It’s available on Amazon right now.

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