The Hexborn is coming

Authors tend to read for other authors. It’s just that’s who we know, and you hit it off. Then suddenly, you find yourself ankle deep in a really good book. It just happens.

The latest series of my writer bud, A.M. Manay, has me on pins and needles waiting for her to finish the next one. In the meantime, you guys are in for a treat. Because I can tell you a bit about the Hexborn.

Imagine a world in the middle of a magical war; wizards are fighting each other, casting hexes in defense of king and country, until there is a tenuous peace. The Hexborn are the children of the women who fought alongside the men of the wizard’s armies, and who may have become pregnant during the war, most without knowing until it is too late to stop hexing. Some may have had no intention to stop until the war was won.

Who knows? For the odd Hexborn child who is lucky enough, unlucky enough as the case may be, to survive, isn’t likely to be accepted by anyone. This is the story of how a girl named Shiloh defies the odds, and is raised by an exiled wizard.

The Hexborn are born of war. They are usually magicians on their own, but they are cursed to bear the mark of their mother’s magic the rest of their, usually short, lives. They get great hair in brilliant, unnatural colors, but that’s where any fun ends. The heroine of A.M.’s story is short one hand, and sometimes the curses her mother used will try to kill her. Add to that the fact that like humans always do, the Hexborn are demonized and looked at with suspicion.

The story begins in a time of reformation when laws against the Hexborn have been relaxed and the king is a tenuous friend to Shiloh’s kind. Tenuous, at best. Fickle, at worst.

Manay has this ability to build worlds with conflicts everywhere, and it’s sometimes difficult to tell friend from foe through the fog. If you like magic and intrigue, this book will definitely be a keeper for you. Official release is in July. Run by Amazon and check it out.

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