That ain’t me.

So, formal marketing sucks. I suck at Instagram. Like, really suck, guys. My new plan is to say forget that. I’m doing this my way or no way.

These are the changes you’ll see here at Future Fairytales:

  • I can still be found at my Facebook group.
  • I’ll still be posting to the blog, of course, but it’s going to be a little different. I like talking about my friends and what they’re doing. New releases will still come through here, but I’m doing early access on Patreon. That’s cool.
  • This is all gonna become a LOT more me. That’s the goal.


I thoroughly recommend becoming a patron. Even for a buck or so a month, guys. Oblivion is going to be SO awesome. I’m dying over here. You can try it here:

Only patrons will get to read it as it’s being edited. lol. That should be some pretty good entertainment in our little audio talks. I’m a mess when I’m editing.

Anyhoo, this is what’s coming up. It’s gonna be very new and trial and error for me. Please, don’t laugh too hard as I figure all this out.


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