What’s next on Radish?

Adra Markey’s powers are changing her.

But it is nothing compared to what is happening to her boyfriend. The continuing story in the Southern Gothic story is going to pick up in Whiskey Sour. Adra’s lover is missing, taken by some mysterious council she’s never heard of, and Adra is pissed.

Up to now, Adra’s been getting progressively knocked around by the powers that be in the paranormal world she’s been dumped into, and she’s getting pretty sick of it. The witches and the shifters each have issues with Adra and her place in the pecking order.

She’s been trying to do everything right, and win over hearts and minds. However, that’s not working for her, so now it’s time to knock heads. She wants Boyd back, and she wants off this ride. Will she be able to get everything she wants?

Coming Soon…. Whiskey Sour

Get started on the series at Radish.


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