Brother Mine- a free snippet.

Adame pulled the cloak lower over his face as he watched from an opposing rooftop as the senator chatted up planetary constituents and anyone nearby with money. He smiled coldly. This job was one of the better ones. Because of the target, he knew beyond the shadow that he wouldn’t hit any innocents in this strike against the groups working against his people. That’s what the Brothers’ dossier said, and so he believed.

He waited for the hover car to pull around, low and sleek in line with the others. This one seated several individuals, with the well dressed senator and his closest entourage climbing in the vehicle first. Adame waited for the car to lift from the street, then hit the detonator.

The heat was such he could feel it where he scrunched between facings on the building rooftop across the street. He rested the hand holding the detonator on his knee and calmly watched the fire burn. Men like the one he’d just exterminated were plaguing the galaxy with their evil and greed. The task fell to him and his kind to hunt them and end them.

Adame did it happily. He was careful to avoid collateral damage. The ones who’d died tonight all had a stain on their souls for the part they played in the attempt to sterilize and entire race, the Brax people, his people. They were already slaves in most of the galaxy, but that wasn’t enough debasement. Now, the humans wanted to control even how many could and could not have children, reducing the Brax to a state like cattle, kept only to serve and breed, when they were allowed to, like mindless animals.

He sighed as the Fire Brigade sirens rounded the corner, and the cacophony that so often accompanied one of his assassinations filled the streets below.

Most of his brothers were human. Adame was Braxian. He fought the urge to lump them all into the same pot, but it was difficult. Around him every day, he saw the mistreatment of his people and wept internally at the fate that would be his without his special skills. It was why he’d never sought a mate, never tried to have his own family. They would be enslaved before their first breath, regardless of the fact that their father was a freedman. According to Human law, one had to earn one’s freedom, unless you were human. No, the only future he had was in righting the wrongs where he could. The Brotherhood allowed him to do that. They were careful to direct his skills at those most worthy of them, allowing him to keep a conscience as clean as it could be for a trained killer.

Rising close to the shadow, Adame turned away from the disastrous scene below that was a commonplace one to him. Fire being extinguished, wails of anguish, and emergency responders working feverishly; the scene had a familiar, somewhat comforting routine. It was the same. Every time.

On that thought, he turned to stroll casually across the flat rooftop to the ladder leading down to the alleyway. In the alley, he stayed near the darkness pooling beside the walls, until he reached the opening to the street. They would cordon the area soon.

Reaching a brisk pace and with his face completely covered, he slipped into the growing crowd and disappeared so easily it was as if he’d never been.

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