The care and feeding of your inner muse.

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It feels like all we talk about when writing is discussed is the how to and the wherefore, however there’s so much more to it than that. Writing comes from a very personal place, and our burn-out does, too.

Step One


In any part of life, this is absolutely vital. Feeling sad, sick, depressed or anxious will destroy your will to create. You must deal with the big stuff.

For many of us, writing has become our therapist, and that’s wonderful. Yet, the danger is that we write to feel better, then we stop writing when that stops working. Been there. There’s more to caring for yourself than confession, as good as that might be for the soul.

Sleep well, laugh much, drink often. Wait, I might have that wrong, but you get my point. Your body has a tremendous effect on your mind and your writing. If you have zero energy, you will not create. It’s that simple.

Step Two

Alone Time

How often are you alone? In today’s world of texting and social media, it feels like we’re never alone at all. Disconnect. Seriously. It’s the only way.

Determine how much time you have for writing, and then -Listen close- do not let anyone take it from you. Lock that time down. It’s yours and they can’t have it.

Step Three

Feed the muse

The times when you are enjoying a book or having a good time of any kind are just as important as any outline. You need ideas. You need exposure to thoughts outside your own head.

Without fun in your life, you just won’t create, and I know better than most that this one can be the real challenge because sometimes life just sucks. However, the first thing to let go of is the guilt. You are allowed to enjoy your life. Time reading is not time away from work. It’s inspiration.

Step Four

Get a cat

I’m not making this up. It’s in the rules. You can’t be a good writer without a cat. This isn’t my rule.

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