The Soul-searching Writer

Uh oh. Another one.

We laugh, but it’s true. Every writer I know who started out so excited about writing gets into publishing and has a crisis. A moment where the marketing makes them feel dead inside. We all have it.

Right at the moment, I’m on a break. I’m trying to come out of that spin-down from publishing with a desire to write still intact. And that’s the real danger. That we might lose that passion for writing.

Hitting the boiling point

I found it was more like boiling a frog. You know the old story, the frog will stay in the pan if you turn up the heat slowly. It doesn’t notice that it’s cooking. It was like that. I started writing to market, and it didn’t fulfill me.

I tried harder because it has to be me, right? All the marketing isn’t wrong. Look at all these authors making bank, right? No. Here’s the deal, those authors either came into this with a following, or they got lucky and hit a niche or they threw all their money into it.

But, look at my story…. No, you got lucky.

But, I work hard…NO, you got lucky. We all work hard. We all try, and this post isn’t really about that. It’s about not losing the desire to WRITE. Who cares about publishing?

Let’s face it, if we stop writing here at the crisis, it’s over, isn’t it? Nothing to see here. Move it along. Well, I’m gonna fight that urge. I want this in my life even if it makes no bank. I need to tell these stories. I need them to matter in the world. Maybe someone else does too.

That’s what we’re going to do here. Write for the fun of it. Do what we want. because we have stories to tell. This may be embarrassing if it doesn’t work, but I’m going to occasional drop prompts or write snippets, and invite others to use that prompt and comment a link to their snippet or prompted story. Or maybe if it’s small enough just comment. I’m not sure this work. We’ll find out.

I’ve been writing dragon age fanfiction for this very reason, and it’s helping. Write what you want. Just don’t stop writing.

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