Getting organized; Or rather why I don’t

They have these awesome apps for organizing: Novelist, Writer tools, et al. I download them. Occasionally, I use them, but I never stick with it. I don’t know why I am the way I am. Do you have something you know you should do but you never do it, as a writer anyway?

I literally start to build a world in the app, and just stop. I don’t go back again.

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4 thoughts on “Getting organized; Or rather why I don’t

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  1. While I haven’t tried the Android specific ones, I think I have tried most of the free(ish) PC/iOS variety. I also beat my head against Dramatica and Scrivener, each for about a year and some before I gave them up (each for different reasons which I won’t go unless you’re really bored). As a general rule these days, I start my drafts in a text editor, and shift them to a word processing program when they get unruly. I /should/ be starting them in pencil on paper — as my eye doctor would prefer — but I can’t write as fast as I can think. I do print things out along the way and edit them on paper when I need to slow my thinking down. Also, hi! It’s been a while!

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      1. I frequently shift between devices, so I tend to stick my files in the cloud and work on them from there. Scrivener fell down on me a few times while I was trying to do that with very large documents. On the bright side, it dumped the document into a zillion .PDF files, so I didn’t lose the content, just their being jammed into a single convenient file. I understand that it plays nicer now than it used to (I last worked with it a few years ago) — and it’d probably work fine if I stuck with just my desktop computer, or just my personal laptop.

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      2. Omigish. I just had sympathetic file loss sickness. Lol. I imagine that’s exactly why it works. I can’t jump like that. It lies at the boundaries of my tech savvy. Ha. You can do all these wonderful things with formatting. I literally do One thing. That’s it. Anything outside of that and the computer catches fire. 😉


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