I’m a fan!

Photo by Anton Belitskiy on Pexels.com

Fan fiction has been my savior. Specifically, Dragon Age fanfic, and I’m not gonna hide it. I’ve never done it before. It wasn’t something I even read that often, but I fell in love.

Gaming was my kid’s world, and I joined in because of Mass Effect. I’ve shared that before. But, Dragon Age was something else again. It’s an epic fantasy story line with choices you get to make for yourself that drastically change the way the story plays out. In other words, it’s the ultimate book.

When I recently had some life changes that back-benched the writing, I felt I had to have something fun in my life, so I sat down and started my first fanfic. I mean these were some pretty tough stresses. I needed the break from publishing. I needed to figure out what all this meant to me. I needed to just have some stinking fun again. Jeez.

If you haven’t played DA and might be interested, don’t click these links cause *spoilers*, Otherwise, knock yourself out.

Fanfic is a pretty decent way to break writer’s block because you’re playing in someone else’s sandbox instead of building your own. (ALWAYS give credit where credit is due. We are not savages.) An interesting side effect has been the fanfic I’ve discovered. I mean some of this stuff is phenomenal. I have a single favorite on Fanfiction.net which you can follow in that link that is so good that I’m waiting for each and every post like a rabid fan. All of this is refilling the well.

Anything that inspires is refilling the well. Anything that relaxes is refilling the well. Whatever you enjoy revitalizes you, and that helps us write.

So today’s assignment: Go forth and do something YOU enjoy!

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