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So much advice always.

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I’m not here for that because half the time I’m as clueless as the next girl. What I do know is that writing only gets better with age and use? It’s a skill that needs to be exercised.

Dobby is a free elf!

It’s hard to fit that into a busy lifestyle, but we’re all hobbyists here. We write when we want. Right? We’re not trying to fit into that author market. We are liberated.

The best part of this accepting our amateur standing is not having to care about the trends or writing to market. We don’t have to do that. We do what we want.

So, what do you wanna do?

I find there are three things that helped me; finding my passion, finding my purpose, and finding my moment.

Finding your passion

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Passion and purpose can sound like the same thing to an artist, but they’re very different things. Your passion is what will fire your writing. It’s the rocket on the ship. It’s your interests, your pursuits, the things that make you happy; Those are your passions.

Make a list of the things that interest you most. It could include things like video games, book series, romance, mystery, shopping, swordsmanship, 1900’s Victorian fashion. You get my point. The world is literally your playground here. It just needs to be the thing that moves and motivates you the absolute most.

Finding your purpose

This part isn’t likely what you’re thinking. Here, you need to think about venue. WHERE would you most like find the audience who wants to hear what you have to say?

Are you into a video game? Do you like it enough to continue the story? Then, you’re looking toward one of the major fan fic sites, and AO3. Read the fanfiction there. Get the feel for it and see if this is where you want to be.

Do you love something obscure and with enough enthusiasm that it is a brilliant flame in your soul? Or, you know, it’s something you like a whole lot. It doesn’t have to be a flame. I’m kidding. You’re probably looking for a blog like this one. It’s easy to set one up, and you can have a lot of fun learning about the process while you write, and that’s the key.

Finding your moment

Sigh. This is harder.

The truth is that this is where you have to make a priority for yourself. Is there a part of the week that can be wholly yours? That’s going to be your moment. For me, it’s in the evenings.

I get my coffee and sit down at the desk. It’s my time once I open that laptop. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s okay to prioritize your own interests. That’s self-care, and you’re allowed.

It helps to have a designated space for the act, a place that is your writing haven. There begins to be an emotional connection to that space as you keep writing, and you’ll find yourself seeking your time in that space. That’s when you can really let yourself create.

Some thoughts on building that space.

I actually went to a local thrift store and found a rickety little buffet table that needed a nail or two. It fit the small room I was moving into and cost ten bucks. Some of that went to cancer research, so I was willing to pay that. My dad, who’s gone now, gave me…get this… a lawn chair. I brought that in and proudly set it at my rickety table. To this day, the lawn chair is part of the process. It’s my dad pushing me onward and upward.

I could get a new chair, but I won’t. Not yet.

The point is this space is your temple. Not to be hyperbolic (I’m being hyperbolic), but it’s your sacred place where you worship the written word. Your gods are the characters on the paper, and your only tenet is to tell the story. (Not hyperbolic or dramatic at all.)

You get my meaning, though. Choose yourself for a few minutes each day or each week. Treat it as a retreat or make it church, but let it be more important that picking up a mocha or the dry cleaning. Lean into your writing.

Don’t let anyone discourage you, either. So what’s your passion, purpose and moment?

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