1. Skillshare.com – This is an internet classroom basically with experts in every field teaching classes for a subscription fee each month. The blogging and content writing classes have been invaluable.
  2. Fanfiction.net– Fan fiction is the perfect place to learn craft. It’s also no pressure. You aren’t world building unless you want to. You’re just wading in someone else’s pool. It is pure fun and no downside, unless you don’t follow copyright law. Always follow copyright law.
  3. Google Rewards– Good authors are great readers, and this opinion survey app is literally how I purchase probably about seventy percent of my books. It’s that or no one eats.
  4. How I Write by Janet Evanovich– Hands down my favorite book on the writing craft. She’s approachable, funny and it’s done in an easy Q & A style that cuts through so much of the frills.
  5. Scrivener– I am such a fan of this software. No kidding. I hate formatting, and I’m not good with things that are crazy technical. There are a lot of alternatives out there to this program. I’ve found this one to be the best one for me.
  6. Grammar Girl– This one I found early on, but it’s absolutely great for refreshers (which we all need).
  7. Writer’s Digest – This is a one stop shop resource on just about every subject related to writing.
  8. Writing Excuses – A panelist podcast that times itself to 15 minutes. It contains pretty much every kind of discussion on craft you could possibly ever need.
  9. Wattpad– As a hobbyist writer, you’ll probably still want to be read and get feedback. Wattpad is a great place for this.
  10. Overly Sarcastic Productions – This youtuber publishes prolifically on writing craft and other related subjects. She’s also hilarious.

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