Greed Fall might be a bit short on romance

Image from Greed Fall by Spiders
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Possible spoilers ahead…

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s a good game, and I do believe it gives DA a real run for its money. My review of it as a game is that it’s top notch, a real competitor. Yet, I love the story of RPG titles more than anything. That’s what draws me.

I’m the type of player who is also a reader in my way. Give me a good story, and you keep me for life. It was what drew me to games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

The island of Teer Fradee is stunning in its size and scope. There are some pretty frustrating walls resulting in a feeling of hand-holding you through the game. It’s not as open a world as I’d like, but then I was that player hopping over Skyrim’s tallest mountains and testing the physics of the game because I could.

The Romance

To be honest, it’s a little slow, and it doesn’t have…. passion. This was the most disappointing aspect of the game for me. I wanted the story of her (I’ve only played as a woman so far) lovers to be as epic as the scenery. It fell short in that it wasn’t just brief.

It was a little cold.

Writing romance options into a game causes a certain amount of expectation, you know, and I’m one of those players that salivates for a good love story and a good back story. I wanted the Kurt romance to be good, especially after he reveals his real purpose on the island.

Instead, I felt very little for that romance. It felt like Spyders went through the motions simply because that’s what Bioware did. What the writers of DA seemed to understand was that romance was part of the stakes of the adventure. It was a connection to the secondary characters that allowed for the vast potential for heartache. SO. MUCH. It gave the player someone to fight for and made the need for that fight imperative.

In Greed Fall, so far, I like all the characters, find them to have some depth as well, but I don’t love them. I don’t worry about their fates as the story develops. The trouble with that is that it makes De Sardet herself a little… stiff.

She’s simply doing a job and doing it well. The only dialogue that moved me so far was her dialogue with her dying cousin. Now, that’s got emotional depth. Not one of the companions does that for me so far, even Vascoe who I was primed to love because…um.. pirate.

Will I still play?

Oh, you betcha. I’m enjoying the heck out of the gameplay in spite of the hand holding. The imagery of the island is nothing short of breathtaking, and it’s not hard to see where Spiders put the bulk of its expertise.

What’s more? I’ll probably have my eye on every title they come out with forever more because I truly fear what’s ahead for my Inquisition. Thanks to the changes taking place at Bioware and the over-monetization of every aspect of DA that seems to be in the works, I’m nervous about the story as well.

Greed Fall is more the format of RPG I will always look for, and I hope one of these days they get serious about the story as well as the art. The day they do, I thoroughly believe they will put Bioware in the ground.

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