Starting over

That's been the theme of this week, which is a little ironic. Ironic because, I hate new year's resolutions. Hate them. They just seem so arbitrary. You can't resolve more on January first than you can on December thirtieth. You have the same amount of resolved on both days. But, I want to do this... Continue Reading →

Tales from the front porch

Where we live, it's winter, if you can call this that. It is rainy and in the fifties, and it's muddy. This is the true Southern Christmas. Mud pies, not snowmen. It's in this backdrop that I'm trying to write a Summer adventure in paranormal activity. It should be interesting. The upside is the South... Continue Reading →

Where is the love?

Romance is hard….   I have discovered over the last few years that maintaining that spark in writing romance is just as hard as maintaining the real thing. It got dry. There was a dread knowing that the next love scene was coming. I guess you could say I fell out of love with it.... Continue Reading →

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