SFR Brigade Showcase

Welcome to Future Fairytales! I'm part of this awesome fan group for SFR, and this is an excellent example of why. The Brigade showcase is basically fun content from your favorite authors for free all over the internet. That's just awesome. And, today, I'm participating with a sneak peek at my new release, out on... Continue Reading →

WIP week at the ASPA

Welcome to WIP week at the Alliance of Self-Published Authors. This is a spotlight of what some of our members are working on and where their work is going, and hopefully a regular blog feature, a look inside the minds of the authors and a way to find fiction that will transport you or transform... Continue Reading →

WIP Week at the ASPA sign ups

Future Fairy tales is going to host a blog hop. I hope. It's for all the Alliance of Self-published writers. We'll begin it on The 22nd of February to give everyone time to find their snippets and prepare their news. Here's what you need to be in on the Hop.  A current work in progress... Continue Reading →

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