Should writers choose controversy?

J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Salmon Rushdie; All have criticized the current occupant of the White House broadly, mostly on Twitter. However, it's not fair to say, I think, that it's the only place they condemn the policies of the Trump administration. It's just the most widely distributed because- let's face it- more of us read... Continue Reading →

Ready to hit the street?

Street Teams are Hella fun! If you've never participated in one before, they are awesome ways to spend some time. Authors routinely have what we call ARCs or advanced review copies of their ebooks. Being on a street team gives a reader a chance to be one of the first to read and review the... Continue Reading →

Do I fangirl? Do I?

Oh, you bet your sweet fanny.  I can be found fangirling quite a lot on Facebook. I admit it. I ain't proud. Authors such as Cynthia Sax, Anna Hackett, SM Schmitz and AM Manay are just a few of the authors I follow. They are probably the ones I read the most often,  that is... Continue Reading →

BookCrazy Booth Space

You may know that I'm hosting a Virtual Book Fair, or you may not. Well, now you do. So, this is my virtual book space. The series you see above has a free starter book, so yay, you! My plan for the Home in the Stars novels was simple. One ship passed down among three... Continue Reading →

Happy Bookiversary to Me.

June 3. It was the day I started to learn how this worked. Home is the Sailor took me six months to finish and more than a few tears, but, in the end, it was worth it. Now, here I am ten books in and still going. The festivities surrounding the event are modest, but... Continue Reading →

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