Do you Bookfunnel?

Bookfunnel is an app that lets you get free books offered from authors; sometimes as straight giveaways, and sometimes with a newsletter subscription. I'm hosting one this month on the site. It's full of action and adventure, space opera, military and romance novels. So, all my favorite things. It begins today and lasts through the... Continue Reading →

What’s in your future?

I'm participating in an excellent promo this week, and I don't do a ton of these. This is an excellent opportunity to get tons of new reading material if you're an SFR fan. Or, you can try on one of the incredible authors in the genre. You're already on the blog? Try subscribing to my... Continue Reading →

Having a Second Sale on Amazon!

Home from the Sea is on sale on Amazon this weekend! Ra'dan Sevarus inherited the Carry Bell, and it seems a destiny right along with it. He's called home to his home world to deal with family drama, and walks right into a revolution, a changed world and the arms of the most beautiful human... Continue Reading →

Ready to hit the street?

Street Teams are Hella fun! If you've never participated in one before, they are awesome ways to spend some time. Authors routinely have what we call ARCs or advanced review copies of their ebooks. Being on a street team gives a reader a chance to be one of the first to read and review the... Continue Reading →

Books are out there…

Hey, it's a good week for SFR fans, you know. There are two awesome projects coming up that you NEED to know about. Seriously.  First is Portals. A sampler project that is intended to help shoppers get a feel for the genre and find books they love in one convenient place. You won't believe some... Continue Reading →

Quick Announcement, everybody. Riding redemption will be free Friday and Saturday of this week. So stop by and give us a look, then. Sexy men and big machines, what's not to love?

Kindle Countdown Weekend

This weekend you can get the second and third books in my Romance series, Home in the stars for a song! Stop by Amazon's bookstore to see what you've been missing. All my novels and novellas are free with Kindle Unlimited. And remember, if you like a book, rate a book. Authors need your support... Continue Reading →

Free Book Blitz

Home is the sailor is free this weekend! The first in a three part series, Home is the Sailor begins the journey of an amazing ship. Catch up just in time for the third and final release on September 22nd.

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