Jayne Fury Speaks…

And, everyone listens because she's a ninja. A writing ninja. But, we'll let her tell you in her own words.  Good day and or night, afternoon? Hi, I’m Jayne and I write about bodice ripping ninjas in space. They rip their own bodices. I have been a pulp serial fan since reading my first Doc... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t think I like hard scifi anymore

When I was a kid, I loved this stuff. Star Trek was a weekly appointment. I still love the science, but.... I don't like the box. You know, the box. "You can't do that there according to string theory." "Yeah, but do you mean a gravitational well or a graviton flux?" I like the tech.... Continue Reading →

The world of the starwalkers

In my novels, starwalker is the literal translation of the name the aliens call themselves. They are entirely space faring, and stop only long enough to strip a planet and move on. Their ships are massive, requiring unbelievable resources to keep going. Only Human That's the underlying issue. Both species are going to be fighting over... Continue Reading →

Find your tribe

After finally deciding to self publish this year, a decision that was helped along by a website I'd joined called Romance Divas, I realized how little I know and how very alone in this business one could be. I also knew that this could be a vanity project  or I could be serious about it.... Continue Reading →

The Romance of Mass Effect

If you ask me about my influences, you're gonna hear something different, strange, a little odd. Mass effect. Yep, one of my greatest influences for writing science fiction romance is a video game. An interactive fight to save the galaxy from the Reapers that is pretty much a choose-your-own-adventure book of killing things, making epic... Continue Reading →

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