Okay, so, I’m late, but Dragon Age Y’all…

Been playing DAI like a fiend cause I'm in love with Cullen. NO JOKE. I can't not flirt with him on each playthrough, and I have tried, believe me. He's just got this something... I can't define it. And, omg, the end. I almost cried like an infant with the controller in my hand staring at... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Romance

Jules stared at the damn mistletoe over her head. God, she hated Christmas! Her mother went nuts once a year, and the house began to resemble a kitschy Baptist church pageant. She stood in the hallway dripping from the rain and the mud outside the two story farm house out in the middle of nowhere.... Continue Reading →

Find your tribe

After finally deciding to self publish this year, a decision that was helped along by a website I'd joined called Romance Divas, I realized how little I know and how very alone in this business one could be. I also knew that this could be a vanity project  or I could be serious about it.... Continue Reading →

My new favorite thing; book lists

Scifi Rom is a very under appreciated genre. For those of us who love, love,love the flavor, it's hard to understand why others aren't pulling out their geek cards and signing up. Until you realize the audience is growing all the time, that is. Readers are flocking to  the genre as evidenced by the newest... Continue Reading →

Meet a Pirate

Welcome to my new series inspired by recent events. Web piracy is bad. It's stealing and it just makes you an ass as a consumer. I'd like to present today's features of web piracy greats. Bestbooklibrary.com  a known cover for ebook piracy  They currently have my book available, the sleazes. It's a great place to... Continue Reading →

Battle Kiss

Battle Kiss. Alistair Cross, Poet, Author, and Vampire slayer. I actually don't know that he's a vampire slayer, but I have suspicions. The Crimson Corset released yesterday, and since I haven't gotten a chance to start it, I won't assume anything about it. But, today, I stumbled across his poetry, and Whoa Mama! It's dark,... Continue Reading →

Internet Gems

J. Elkins newest short is a techies dream. I enjoyed several things about the story, but more than anything else the amazing coolness with which he can paint a picture of espionage and cold mercenary calculation. The story centers around an operatives choice, and you cannot help but get drawn into his decision making. Enjoy your... Continue Reading →

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