Reevaluating your life choices

Photo by on There's a little secret in this business that no one wants to hear, but it is the truth. We're not making money at this. According to the Author's Guild survey of 2018 earners, author incomes were down by a whopping 42 percent to a median income of $6080. That's supplemental... Continue Reading →

The Soul-searching Writer

Uh oh. Another one. We laugh, but it's true. Every writer I know who started out so excited about writing gets into publishing and has a crisis. A moment where the marketing makes them feel dead inside. We all have it. Right at the moment, I'm on a break. I'm trying to come out of... Continue Reading →

Free book for you.

It wasn't just a ship. It was home. Ari Badu captained her own small cargo fleet across the sector, but there were times when it seemed the ships flew her: Times like now when she had an order that needed to be delivered to her home planet, and no ship to do it but the... Continue Reading →

A new look for an old story.

Now Available on Google Play They were the assassins. Now, they're the targets. Adame Sacha, a professional killer with a conscience, has killed the wrong man. The repercussions of his mistake could be deadly… for him, for the ones he loves, for his people.  The Brotherhood, a league of assassins to whom he owes everything, sent him to do... Continue Reading →

I’m the anti-nano

Nanowrimo has come and gone. I literally did ... well, the same thing I always do. I wrote a few words, worked, parented children, and I have gone on just as I have always done. It's a regret of mine, and, I admit, it used to cause me some disquiet, some minor discomfort.  There was... Continue Reading →

Feeling a little witchy this week.

Excerpt from the unreleased portion of  my Southern Gothic series. Adra stared at the splotched paint on the wall before her. Her control of magic was getting sketchy, and Finn was due in to check on her this afternoon. But, she couldn’t help it. There was a buzzing under her skin that never quieted. She... Continue Reading →

Southern Gothic is a thing.

So, when I started Southern Gothic for the Radish app, I wanted to write a setting I enjoyed, that I knew and loved. That setting was the small river town in Carter County, the county seat and home to a plethora of creatures of the night-ish. It's pretty close to my own hometown, and pretty... Continue Reading →

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