Writing through Life(Big L)

My tips for writing through the pain Sometimes, my books take a while.  Lots longer than they should, and there is a reason for that. I have a severely disabled son. He's autistic. He's also pretty hilarious, and a general joy to be around. Yet, we have phases, and those phases can take a toll... Continue Reading →

Wasting time is an art form

Which I have perfected... For centuries, humans have worked to find new ways to waste their time. As a human being, it is my obligation to waste as much time as is humanly possible. And, I have learned to do this with the help of the internet. You can, of course, guess some of the... Continue Reading →

Finding time

No Excuses.  If you want to be something, then BE something. Ask yourself what it is you want, and find out how in the heck you get there. This applies to every lesson in life, not just being a writer. All of those authors... The ones whose stories I got lost in have always been... Continue Reading →

If I’d only known. . .

Writing is difficult enough. The constant self-doubt and rewriting, coupled with long nights tapping away at laptop keys can send a woman right over the edge. There's stealing away, when unexpected moments allow the time, like I'm meeting my dirty, little secret for coffee. Writer's block. Writer's elbow.  It's a wonder anyone writes at all.... Continue Reading →

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