One of the myriad ways I’m weird…

  I am. There's no one contesting this, and reason number 234 on the list of why I'm weird? I'm an author who hates descriptives. I mean really hates them. Heck, I'm a reader who hates descriptives. I love spare writing. Those paragraphs that let me fill in the color of the sketch are my... Continue Reading →

What’s Next?

Home from the hill is the end of the Home in the Stars series, but it's the beginning of another story. In this novel, you'll meet a young man named Ian and three children who are victims of a covert plot to take children and make supersoldiers. That boy has to become someone else, Aiden... Continue Reading →

Happy Bookiversary to Me.

June 3. It was the day I started to learn how this worked. Home is the Sailor took me six months to finish and more than a few tears, but, in the end, it was worth it. Now, here I am ten books in and still going. The festivities surrounding the event are modest, but... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Message

Happy Turkey Day to everyone! I wanted to take a moment before we all start eating to thank everyone. I am ridiculously grateful to everyone who's given me the opportunity to entertain them with my writing this year. It's been a great adventure. The reading of books is a two way communication. I write the... Continue Reading →

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