Greed Fall might be a bit short on romance

Image from Greed Fall by Spiders Linked to source. Possible spoilers ahead... Don't get me wrong. It's a good game, and I do believe it gives DA a real run for its money. My review of it as a game is that it's top notch, a real competitor. Yet, I love the story of RPG... Continue Reading →

Ready to hit the street?

Street Teams are Hella fun! If you've never participated in one before, they are awesome ways to spend some time. Authors routinely have what we call ARCs or advanced review copies of their ebooks. Being on a street team gives a reader a chance to be one of the first to read and review the... Continue Reading →

Join the Unit!

Recruitment Begins Today New releases are coming. Also, winter, and you're going to need something to read. If you use Facebook, you can get a jump on my new releases by joining my ARC Team. It's an elite squad of heroes who love Sci Fi more than anything, more than the average person anyway. There's... Continue Reading →

InstaFreebie = Instant Action

Hey, Gang. So, there's this website called instafreebie where someone like say an author of SFR yummy goodness can give away books, and someone like say .... a reader of yummy goodness can pick up said giveaways. What's my point? Oh yeah, I'm doing a giveaway! Silly.  Riding Redemption has 50 free copies available for... Continue Reading →

My Sribd Experience

Here's the thing. I need a subscription service. I jones for books like an addict locked in a pharmacy. It's a flaw how bad I need to read books. So, I've been trying Scribd for the last two months. So, I'd taken first watch  at the hospital staying overnight waiting on news about Dad. My... Continue Reading →

No spoiler review for Removed

Removed by SJ Pajonas flew across my kindle this week. Frankly, when I started, I had no idea what to expect. It's scifi in the vein of Firefly. And, did I mention that it's a first freebie? Sanaa, the heroine, lives in a domed city on a dying Earth. By the time the end was... Continue Reading →

The end of Containment

When it come to TV, I'm always late to the party. Before I go much further, I want to say this. The actors of the CWs first and only season of Containment were some of my favorites. One of those episodes is covered in the entertainment section of Design and Trend. If you're looking for... Continue Reading →

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