How to kill your darlings?

Decisions, decisions. We all know they have to die. I mean, yeah, we love them, but the show must go on. You should never shy away from killing off a character. Sometimes, things have to happen, and here's why? Who do you love? The first thing I always consider is who is loved in my... Continue Reading →

Don’t Copy That; soldiering up your fiction

Reblog edition. . Back on the 12th, I wrote an article for the scifi romance brigade on writing fictional military characters. I wanted to let it have some time on the home blog today before it fades into obscurity. I spent some of the weekend back writing in the universe that inspired this post, and... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it romantic?

I've spent my fair share of time in romantic situations, just like anybody else. I've recently had this epiphany. Romance has changed in my generation.  For the better possibly.  I'm a child of the Buffy gen. Love took a little bit of a dark turn for the women of the nineties as they changed the... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

I know. Categorizing a book is hard. Where you put your novel, and what you call it matters. Yes, I know. It's your first book. You think the world is just waiting for this story, the whole world. It's really not. This is sales. Don't get me wrong. I love my books. I believe in... Continue Reading →

Reviewing the books

My schedule is brimming with reviews. Perhaps, overflowing. I've noticed a trend among the authors, and I include myself in this. There are starting mistakes that baby authors (I would consider myself at this point more of a temperamental teen) seem to make without fail.  It all seems to be fruit from the same tree.... Continue Reading →

Find your tribe

After finally deciding to self publish this year, a decision that was helped along by a website I'd joined called Romance Divas, I realized how little I know and how very alone in this business one could be. I also knew that this could be a vanity project  or I could be serious about it.... Continue Reading →

Arrive Late and Leave Early

Here's a trick. One of the most important tricks I've learned is arrive late, and leave early. When writing, just pretend you're trying to be some high society glamour plate. You wanna make an entrance, dontcha? You want everyone to look and point. The first requirement for that is that the other guests have to... Continue Reading →

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