Excerpt From Southern Charms


He smiled and said, “Well, I’m on duty, ma’am, so I can’t stay long. However, I’d hoped I could ask Ms. Adra to the movies this weekend.”

He addressed an unspoken question her way with big pleading eyes that would have melted the hardest heart. That was when she knew; this one was trouble. He wasn’t shy about what he wanted, either, which delighted Mamie no end.

“There now,” said Mamie. “That’s quite a young man, now. I’m sure she’d love to go.” As she spoke, her Mamie took her purse into the hall to hang it up and took an apron off the hook next to it.

The deputy blushed, she realized with a quick smile. “I’ll walk you out,” Adra said softly.

He nodded. “Mrs. Markey, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, and you have a lovely home.” Boyd Ramsey grabbed up his flat-rimmed uniform hat and followed her out to the porch.

He paused at the steps. “Adra, I don’t want you to feel obliged….”

Adra interrupted him with a hand on his wrist. “I don’t.”

When she looked up at his face, her breath caught, honest to god, caught in her chest. He was a beautiful man, easily masculine without being threatening, with neat even features in his face, and a body that didn’t quit. Adra knew when she was outgunned, and this man had extra ammunition in the form of dark, bedroom eyes.

“You’re gonna be my next mistake, aren’t you?” She whispered.

A slow, pleased grin spread out across his face. “Only one way to find out. What time do you want me on Saturday?”

“Oh, hell, make it six. We can go eat.”


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