Book Love – Redemption Burning is born

A writer once told me, that she abandoned any idea she lost interest in. That works for her. It wouldn't for me. Instead, I am the type to sit on an idea for a long while, play with it, and tweak it's facts and figures before I ever put it to scrivener. Then, there are... Continue Reading →

Technology Talk with Jackson

So, today, we're talking tech with one of the 47ths most experienced pilots... Jackson: Technically, Jolie, I'm not a pilot. I'm a support specialist. Jolie: Oh, I'm sorry, so the ATGyro doesn't count as a mech? Jackson: No, it's a mechanized vehicle with very specialized scanning and long range navigational equipment, and a big ass... Continue Reading →

Join the Lancers, See the universe!

In times of war, civilization needs heroes. That's why our motto is; Every man, a hero. The 47th Lancers mercenary company comes from a long line of tradition tracing all the way back to the ancient histories of Old Earth. Our men and women respect that tradition. We have recruitment centers in every major city... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Seeking Redemption

She turned away from him watching the monitors dark screens Two then three red dots indicating hostiles near the Lancers popped up. That was no real surprise. She tapped her ear piece. “Hopper, you have incoming.” “Good copy. We see them HQ.” Just at that moment she noticed that the red dots were multiplying on... Continue Reading →

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