How to be an author in just minutes…

I have a few peeves. One of them is the habitual click bait articles now peopling the internet that basically say, "if you're an author, you've been doing it all wrong!" I really, really hate that. First, there is no wrong way. You are either doing it, or you aren't. If you are, you're producing... Continue Reading →

She writes on the blog

We have another awesome guest post today, and today is her release day! So, you can go directly from here to Amazon and snatch up a copy of the newest AM Manay serial November Snow. I'd like you all to meet, November Snow. If you haven't been following her story, here's a bit of it... Continue Reading →

WIP it good.

Works in progress are the artist's bread and butter, and, as a reader, I love the snippets that tell me what my favorite authors are doing? My current project, now that Redemption is in final edit, is a new series called Brother Assassins. Here's a snippet from the first release in this series, Brother Mine.... Continue Reading →

She Sees in Her Sleep

I've introduced you to new paranormal fiction author, AM Manay, on this blog before now. Today, I'm giving you a short review of her latest short fiction. It's supposed to tide us over until the second release in her series is out of edits and available online.  Her novel She dies in the end chronicles... Continue Reading →

An interview with Pandora Spocks

For this interview, we've really opened the box. Pandora Spocks identifies herself as a writer of literary erotica. Otherwise known as a purveyor of the sexy books. Pandora chooses to write then as a work of love. She writes the books she wants to read, she says, and loves a happily ever after almost as... Continue Reading →

An interview with Traci Lawrence

Traci is an Alliance author who specializes in self-help. She's using her author platform to expose and address "the effects of disrespectful communication" in her book Accept no trash talk: overcoming the odds. Like the rest of us, she's a woman on a mission. Only her mission is about empowering others.  I finally felt compelled... Continue Reading →

An interview with Patient Lee

The name really says it all. This author is funny, quirky, sexy and adventurous, just like her books.  She is an author of what she calls "realistic erotica", and I can attest to the truth of it. Her work is trademarked with men and women who make perfect sense to us because they are us. ... Continue Reading →

An interview with Fionna Guillaume

As anyone who's read anything I write can attest, I do love me some sexy books. Fionna Guillaume is one of my new faves. Her erotic romance is anything but ordinary, and her book An Amazon's Equal is one that I really enjoyed. Fionna has the rare ability to write intelligent and sexy prose and... Continue Reading →

An interview with A.M Manay

A.M. Manay , author of She dies at the end, a paranormal romance and adventure story developed her tale from a love of all things magical. She wanted a vampire story that was intelligent, or in her words, "one where the human character isn't stupid or inexplicably self  destructive." I'm enamored of the idea that... Continue Reading →

Find your tribe

After finally deciding to self publish this year, a decision that was helped along by a website I'd joined called Romance Divas, I realized how little I know and how very alone in this business one could be. I also knew that this could be a vanity project  or I could be serious about it.... Continue Reading →

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