This is how it begins.

Censorship is how it all ends. Google Play, Apple, and Amazon have all made moves toward censoring Erotica and any sexual content on their stores. I'm not going to argue that they haven't that right. It's their store, and, clearly, they've made a business call that sex doesn't sell anymore. This doesn't effect my books... Continue Reading →

A word on publishing exclusivity

You're a publisher, or you aren't. There, I said it. This will be my last KU run. As an author, I've seen a change in the way publishing services do business, and it's crap. It's absolute, undiluted horse manure. Exclusivity is just a way to gain control of a work without buying in and getting... Continue Reading →

Review of Peyton313

Donna McDonald has an entire series based around the subject of genetic engineering and playing god by redefining mankind. I won't lie. She had me at hello. This concept is on my nightmare scenario list. Peyton 313 is available as an Amazon Unlimited title. Long story short and trying to avoid the spoilers, Dr. Kyra... Continue Reading →

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