Your regularly scheduled program

  It has been a long and brutal summer. Like every author alive, I've been going through a thing. You know that thing. It's the thing that where you run out of steam, and you try to push through it. But, you can't, and you start to question your writing, your mission, nay, your existence. That... Continue Reading →

Do I fangirl? Do I?

Oh, you bet your sweet fanny.  I can be found fangirling quite a lot on Facebook. I admit it. I ain't proud. Authors such as Cynthia Sax, Anna Hackett, SM Schmitz and AM Manay are just a few of the authors I follow. They are probably the ones I read the most often,  that is... Continue Reading →

You’re not sticking it to the man.

Web piracy. You know, we usually blame the pirates for the whole problem, but, as in any capitalist system, the thieves are merely filing the void. The real problem is that there is a market for free books that weren't paid for. As readers who download without paying for a book, aka. Stealing, it's important... Continue Reading →

The Red Sky at Night Freebie

A little snippet of Ari and Caden's beginning Ari looked like she'd been through hell though. She stood to the side with her arms wrapped around her middle, looking like the world was ending. "We're finished," she said in a surly tone. "No, we're not." Ari poked him with one finger. "You are leaving. That's... Continue Reading →

BookCrazy Booth Space

You may know that I'm hosting a Virtual Book Fair, or you may not. Well, now you do. So, this is my virtual book space. The series you see above has a free starter book, so yay, you! My plan for the Home in the Stars novels was simple. One ship passed down among three... Continue Reading →

My heart is in #Orlando

Yeah, I know, stop the presses. Today, I just find myself with a lot to say. The debate is raging around us even now, and I find one thought returning to my mind over and over. Whatever else this was, it was, yet another, act of hatred against the LGBT community. Everybody was in that... Continue Reading →

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