Our life with Autism

So, it's that month again. Every April you're gonna get a little awareness from me, so let's go. I thought this time I'd just describe our life with teen autism. D is severely autistic. He cannot speak. His IQ tests at below 40, but he has comprehensive language, no expressive at all really. He's also... Continue Reading →

This will be the most personal post you’ve ever seen from me.

My son has autism. I try to keep a fine line on the blog between my personal life and my work. Today though, I just can't. Words are my only way to tip the scales. It's literally all I have to work with. Today's confirmation of Betsy Devos, and the move to remove the protections... Continue Reading →

The lone wolf writer

Complete and utter fiction. That's what it is. I never feel lonely when I write. It's the best time of my day, of my life even. Each word, each page is a companion to me. Yeah, I admit, I've become a little solitary, but it's been a relief up till now, and writing isn't what... Continue Reading →

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