Today is the day!

Brother's Keeper is Released! This book is a sequel, and it's best enjoyed after Brother Mine, the first in the pair. Bryson Cantwell has lost almost everything. As an assassin, he lives on a razor's edge of losing it all every day, but since Cari Renata came into his life there is so much more... Continue Reading →

The new thing I’m trying.

So, it turns out that a pair of novels is a thing now. I have the habit of stumbling into trends while I'm just bopping around being me. Brother Mine and Brother's Keeper will be a set of books following an overreaching story, and they will be followed by at least one book at this... Continue Reading →

At this moment, the book is still in production, and will have to be prepared for print, but it's got a face already thanks to Fayefayedesigns. Coming Soon...

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