This is how it begins.

Censorship is how it all ends. Google Play, Apple, and Amazon have all made moves toward censoring Erotica and any sexual content on their stores. I'm not going to argue that they haven't that right. It's their store, and, clearly, they've made a business call that sex doesn't sell anymore. This doesn't effect my books... Continue Reading →

The internet is already broken

This week, I have received an education. The opponents of SOPA and PIPA who managed to defeat the bills like to state that the internet will be broken by censorship if the bills pass. Unfortunately, the internet is already broken by theft. My experience is so common as to be laughable. To their credit, Playster... Continue Reading →

Write like nobody’s watching

I find I am censoring my words, even my writing, and I have to force myself to think and express, where appropriate, freely. There has always been a lot I didn't say because, as much as I joke, I do have a filter, but this is different. There's a self pubbed author who shall remain... Continue Reading →

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