What will you be?

It's Samhain! I'm celebrating with a late night cover reveal. Well, it's early here, but it feels like late night, so let's go with that. Target Acquired is in edit as of today, and it's a story of a woman haunted by the terrible things in her past. The irony of the draft finish date... Continue Reading →

At this moment, the book is still in production, and will have to be prepared for print, but it's got a face already thanks to Fayefayedesigns. Coming Soon...

They call me Magpie.

But, he calls me Maggie.  I worked hard to get accepted into the program. The Lancer's pilot training program is a tough goal to reach, and I made it. They put  me second seat to Burke, but it's only a matter of time till I test into my own bird. So, this is my first... Continue Reading →

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