Call me baby.

Call me love. Call me baby. It's a drug that stays in the system; after the high, after the fall. You wake up in the ER dazed and calling out for the thing that put you there. What's that about? Shoot me with a needle, swallow all the pills, and it won't change anything. I will... Continue Reading →

An interview with Shaheen Darr

New to the Indie scene, Shaheen Darr has recently dropped her very first novel, Kismet, but she's a poet from way back. Shaheen thought that the transition from poetry to romantic fiction just makes sense. When asked about her inspirations, she gave a poet's answer: "The beauty of nature, the purity and innocence in children,... Continue Reading →

The Romance of Mass Effect

If you ask me about my influences, you're gonna hear something different, strange, a little odd. Mass effect. Yep, one of my greatest influences for writing science fiction romance is a video game. An interactive fight to save the galaxy from the Reapers that is pretty much a choose-your-own-adventure book of killing things, making epic... Continue Reading →

Keeping Countries

By Jolie Mason I keep one foot in two countries, Like Belgium and the Netherlands. One foot in the future. One firmly in past. It’s less a matter of can’t decide, More a place to dodge, to hide. If the choice isn’t made, I simply adopt the customs that get me by. The language I... Continue Reading →

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