A dead horse with no name…

It has a name... Semantic Satiation Think of it as beating a dead horse... with a tire iron...throughout the entire book. It's one of the basic peeves I have with any book, including my own. Every author has words they favor, and words they just like. One of mine is plethora. Pleth-or-a. I love that... Continue Reading →

Lost in Edit

Brother Mine is done, and I'm in the waiting to edit stage. I try not to look at a WIP for a few days after. Let it marinate.  Sailor was fun. The entire Home in the Stars series was fun. This one was... passionate. I really got to let go with the feelings in this... Continue Reading →

New Release

  Pre-order will begin shortly. Really happy to begin the pre-order phase of my latest novella. This one is Atlas' story. Release day is November 14th. The Lancers' services are required on a small rim planet with a pirate problem they need taken care of quickly. Once on Dorenda, they realize this job is more complicated... Continue Reading →

Arrive Late and Leave Early

Here's a trick. One of the most important tricks I've learned is arrive late, and leave early. When writing, just pretend you're trying to be some high society glamour plate. You wanna make an entrance, dontcha? You want everyone to look and point. The first requirement for that is that the other guests have to... Continue Reading →

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