Got a thing for authentic BDSM? I do, too.

I get really tired of the pretenders. BDSM relationships can be just as romantic as any other sexual relationship, but so often they're portrayed as cheap, temporary or just plain wrong. Pandora Spocks doesn't do that. Her portrayals of adult sexual relationships are so honest and open that you can't help but fall in love... Continue Reading →

Writing on the Wild Side;the move toward hardcore entertainment

They say that art reflects life.  Sometimes, I hope they are wrong. But, trends in fiction and entertainment do seem to follow patterns, and reflect the society they depict. In our current events, that reflection includes a higher readership for New Adult fiction, hard erotica and horror. This uptick may mean nothing; or it may... Continue Reading →

An interview with Pandora Spocks

For this interview, we've really opened the box. Pandora Spocks identifies herself as a writer of literary erotica. Otherwise known as a purveyor of the sexy books. Pandora chooses to write then as a work of love. She writes the books she wants to read, she says, and loves a happily ever after almost as... Continue Reading →

An interview with Patient Lee

The name really says it all. This author is funny, quirky, sexy and adventurous, just like her books.  She is an author of what she calls "realistic erotica", and I can attest to the truth of it. Her work is trademarked with men and women who make perfect sense to us because they are us. ... Continue Reading →

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