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It wasn't just a ship. It was home. Ari Badu captained her own small cargo fleet across the sector, but there were times when it seemed the ships flew her: Times like now when she had an order that needed to be delivered to her home planet, and no ship to do it but the... Continue Reading →

Happy Harvest Moon!

The news for October is that October is here!  Yesterday was the harvest moon, and my new release of Thursday's Child.  I love the Autumn; the leaves turning, the smell of the river as the season changes, the nip in the air coming ever closer. It's my jam. This year it's a little bittersweet. You... Continue Reading →

Bookfunnel Bundles

You Gotta See These This promo runs June 26th through July 2, and it's got so many authors in it. It's a plethora of authors. An actual plethora. Here's how they work; If you find something you think you'll like, you just click the link, subscribe to the author's newsletter, then you get their book... Continue Reading →

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