Technology Talk with Jackson

So, today, we're talking tech with one of the 47ths most experienced pilots... Jackson: Technically, Jolie, I'm not a pilot. I'm a support specialist. Jolie: Oh, I'm sorry, so the ATGyro doesn't count as a mech? Jackson: No, it's a mechanized vehicle with very specialized scanning and long range navigational equipment, and a big ass... Continue Reading →

An interview with Jolie Mason

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Ha. That was too far back. I remember the first thing I ever turned in for feedback from another person. I wrote a romance short story for a creative writing class with an amazing amount of really desperate tragedy. It encouraged me to keep writing, since... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Sandra Kerns

Sandra Kerns, an author of romantic suspense, is a prolific writer with the number of her novels in the double digits. She's a self-professed lover of the Yankees, and a resident of ┬átheir native state. When asked about her current novel, she had this to say: Reconstructing Roman started to percolate in my head years... Continue Reading →

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